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About Vim Ventures

A Strategic Partnership Designed to Deliver Massive Results

VIM Ventures is a “virtual incubator” that connects with innovative entrepreneurs and promising business opportunities and helps them grow through teaching, coaching, consulting and venturing.

We are a team of greatly diverse and highly successful entrepreneurs and experts who work together to ignite and support creativity and innovation.

Our vision is to unlock and support potential creative energy around the globe- from Boulder to Prague.

Our Approach: Embracing Creativity, Innovation & Change

The VIM Ventures approach is built on a collective, collaborative methodology that allows individuals to work one-on-one with experienced, successful entrepreneurs in a personal, pragmatic and experiential milieu. Our participative process reduces geographic and time barriers, providing a defined sense of immediacy, and allows the entrepreneur to maintain a voice in the ownership of their valuable creation.

Authentic leadership

The key to differentiating yourself from other entrepreneurs is authentic leadership. This involves finding your style of leadership that is consistent and true to your values and beliefs – your inherent, authentic self. Although there are many great leaders to emulate and some excellent books about leadership to learn from, a challenge arises when you try to copy a style or approach that is not consistent with who you are. If you choose that path, you inevitably wear different masks, trying to be different things for different people. It is very stressful and draining being someone other than who you really are. Self-actualization is key to effective leadership.

Design Problem Solving

In the fast-paced world of business, solo, instinctual thinking can be as dangerous as linear, replicative thinking. Design problem solving is a collective process. It begins with your unique challenges and ideas and invites experienced individuals to participate in the creative solution process. You will discover solutions by building on the ideas and perspectives of others who have been where you are and where you want to be. You will learn effective tools for challenges ranging from simply “thinking on your feet” to complex problem solving. Our goal is to show you how to see the patterns which lie at the root of your business and your life. You will learn the significance of synchronicity between situations and events and learn to identify and break unhealthy patterns, to ultimately create new, productive ones. You will learn to see in ways others cannot.

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We invite you to review the backgrounds and skill sets of our VIMNet team. These individuals will be your supportive circle where you find confidence in your creativity, as well as guidance in moving past obstacles to take your company, product or service to the next level.

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