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Russel Owens

VIM Ventures Executive Coaching and Mentoring team works with entrepreneurs and C-level executives to help them develop skills and insights to advance their life and career paths. We use an introspective and holistic approach known as design problem solving.

VIM Venture’s principal and founder, Russell Owens is a mentor to mentors and a well-respected business leader with over 35 years of experience in both large and small corporate and entrepreneurial environments. He employs a unique blend of practical, real-world experience rooted in eastern philosophy and Jungian psychology to help clients develop a strong and insightful foundation for personal and professional growth.

Immediate Results from the First Session

Whether you're a corporate executive or the leader of an entrepreneurial organization, you're probably searching the internet for business coaching services because you are facing some tough challenges at work and home. Common issues include the following.

  • You need to generate more sales, but you're not sure how
  • You have a toxic or a dysfunctional work environment
  • You feel acute stress because you can't figure out your next move
  • You're drained by worry and you want to feel energized
  • You're not sure how to deal with difficult financial or family issues

Whatever the particular flavor of your fears, business challenges, or stressors,
you're feeling frustrated because you're usually the one who solves problems. But you're stuck. Just thinking about your issues may be debilitating. You want expert guidance and quick results.

A Unique Approach to Your Personal and Business Challenges

Vim Executive Coaching and Mentoring offers a unique combination of bottom line business growth strategies and time tested spiritual practices that allow you to identify specific solutions, give you the confidence to take decisive action, and create sustainable success in all areas of your life.

Before working with Russell, I was struggling with understanding and accepting multiple challenges in many of my relationships. The problems of other people were consuming me and I was unproductive, depressed, and unable to forge the outcomes that I wanted.

After working with Russell, I was able to gain my independence and act authentically in my relationships with others. I drew boundaries that worked for me. I have my life back and everyone else has grown. Working with Russell has been invaluable – without him I would have remained stuck. He is uniquely gifted as a coach.

~ Charles


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