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Gain Access to Experts in Every Stage a Business Can Encounter.

The VimNet team is your personal resource. Whatever your business challenge may be, we support you as you engage in the collective process of design problem solving. Our process begins with identifying your unique challenges and invites experienced individuals to participate in the creative solution process. You will discover solutions by building on the ideas and perspectives of others who have been where you are and where you want to be. In what areas do you or your organization need assistance?

We invite you to review the backgrounds and skill sets of our VIMNet team. These individuals will be your supportive circle where you will find confidence in your creativity, as well as guidance in moving past obstacles to take your company, product or service to the next level.

JON MICHEAL BRAY | Director of Digital Marketing

  • Content Marketing & SEO
  • Lead Generation & Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Strategic Social Media Engagement
  • Email Marketing & Segmentation

THERESA BROWN | Leadership Coaching

  • Setting Boundaries and Accessibility
  • Acceptance: Responding v. Reacting
  • Mediation & Conflict Resolution

TYLER BROWNING | Digital Branding & Strategy

  • Creating a Brand Platform
  • Digital Brand Publishing & Content Strategy
  • Leveraging Relevant and Appropriate Technologies
  • Brand Storytelling

GUY COFFEY | Financial Analytics

  • Sales cycle
  • Utilization of a process from marketing to sale

NEIL CULBERTSON | Marketing of Food & Beverage Companies

  • Analytical skills to identify key opportunities to exploit
  • Defines success metrics
  • Develops key strategies and tactical plans
  • Implements plan utilizing your resources or his

CRAIG DINAN | Innovation & Profitability

  • Taking new products to market
  • Reseller management
  • Partner management

MATT DOMBROW | Complex Problem Solving

  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Conversion rate optimization & A/B testing
  • Lead generation through speaking and networking
  • Developing Sales presentations and closing the deal

GLENN ESTRABILLO | Successful Investing

  • International Real Estate Investing
  • Asset Protection Strategy
  • Business and Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurship: Integrity, Responsibility, and Empowerment 

JON FETZER | Internet Sales and Marketing

  • Product Development, Market Testing and Prototyping
  • Online Branding for both service and retail organizations.
  • Specialty and Niche Retai

RUSSELL OWENS | Salesmanship

  • Building a Sales Team/Organization
  • Creating Sales Tactics & Strategies
  • Creating Sales Processes
  • Closing the Deal

JOHN PFEIFER | Paid Search Marketing

  • Google AdWords Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Creating & Refining your USP (Unique Sales Proposition)
  • Advertising on Bing/Yahoo!, Facebook, Linkedin & Others
  • PPC Landing Page Optimization

STEVE SHOEMAKER | Executive Leadership/Medical Technology

  • Creative Problem Solving & Design Thinking
  • Managing Tough Personnel Issues
  • Authentic Leadership Style Development
  • Adaptive Leadership

JERRY RICHARDSON | Director of Financial Advisory Services

  • Capital Formation & Investor Relations
  • Acquisition Targeting, Transaction Execution, & Integration
  • Growth Planning & Execution
  • International Business Development

THERESA BROWN | Intellectual Property (IP) Law

  • Counseling in Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law
  • Strategic development of IP Portfolio
  • Due diligence relating to IP Acquisition
  • Negotiating IP licenses

GUY COFFEY | Financial Analysis

  • Objective and detailed P&L analysis
  • Industry benchmarking of revenue and expense categories
  • Valuation of existing business model

CRAIG DINAN | Financial Management

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow modeling and management
  • Cost controls

SUE GILLIES | Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

  • Revenue cycle management
  • Cash flow acceleration
  • Design and implementation of practice and metrics reporting

DENISE KAY | Employment Relations

  • Legal Consultation regarding employee relations and employment law compliance (U.S. & Expat)
  • Human Resource best practices assessment and reconciliation
  • Facilitation, mediation and conflict resolution strategies

LAURIE RHOADES | Contracts and licenses

  • Publishing and copyright law
  • Protection and exploitation of intellectual property
  • Collaborative approach to business development

ROBBIE MORRISON | Venture Financial & Investment Strategies

  • Optimizing capital structure.
  • Creating financial strategies to maximize cash flow and profitability.
  • Quantifying strategic initiatives including acquisitions, divestitures and external fundraising.
  • Valuation and sector analysis.

JASON KANIA | Fundraising & COO Consulting Expert

  • Strategy, Planning and Business Transformation
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Six Sigma, Process Improvement, and Organizational Change Management
  • CIO Strategy & Portfolio Management
  • Business Intelligence and Enterprise Software Implementation

TYLER BROWNING | Design Solutions for Technology

  • Consumer Insights & Behavioral Economics
  • Creative Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Business Innovation Strategies

GUY COFFEY | Financial & Process Analytics for Business Owners

  • Strategic business development plans
  • Service company process
  • Processes and standards for service business client engagement

NEIL CULBERTSON | Business Development of Food & Beverage

  • Brand positioning
  • Guest experience definition
  • Menu development, pricing strategy
  • Strong communication of concept thru all consumer touch points (e.g. web, public relations, social media, internal/external tools)


  • Business plan development
  • Cost controls
  • HR and Technology policy development
  • Process development

MATT DOMBROW | Venture Strategies

  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Securing licensing deals
  • Authentic networking and opportunity development
  • Brand architecture and business design

JON FETZER | Startups, Efficient Organizations, Internet and Technology

  • Operation Efficiency with Strong Technology Implementations which are infrequent yet dramatic.
  • Overseas Manufacturing, Domestic and On Demand Manufacturing utilizing 3D Printing and 3D Scanning.
  • Competitive Intelligence, Disruptive Technologies & Knowledge Management

SUE GILLIES | Strategies for Established Companies & Startups

  • Strategy alignment
  • Turnaround management and cultural change
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Pragmatic problem solving
  • Organizational design

DENISE KAY | Team Building Strategist

  • Develop and implement job descriptions, employment strategies and processes
  • Human resource and employment law compliance audits
  • Facilitation, mediation and conflict resolution strategies (including Ombuds programs)

JILL LOHMILLER | Strategic Planning

  • International Market Expansion
  • Strategic Outreach and Partnership Development
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Start-up Marketing Strategy

RUSSELL OWENS | Executive Leadership

  • Pragmatic Approach to Business Strategy
  • Creative Problem Solving & Design Thinking
  • Authentic Leadership Style Development
  • Adaptive Leadership

BAHMAN SALESS | Internet Technology

  • Vision and mission assessment and actualization

STEVE SHOEMAKER | Startups/Medical Technology

  • Building a Company Culture
  • Establishing and Managing Corporate Partnerships
  • Risk Management Strategy Development
  • Developing Communication Strategies

MARNI WAHLQUIST | Food Focused Start-Ups

  • Creating Systems of Flow from Ingredient Sourcing to Product Launch
  • FDA Packaging Regulations & Food Safety
  • Navigation through Third Party Certifications (GMP, Organic, non-GMO, etc)
  • Import & Export of Food Products

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