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Bahman Saless

Bahman Saless, PhD | Principal - Internet Technology

Ask any individual who knows Bahman Saless to describe him and you will hear such descriptions as “passionate about life”, “an unquenchable desire to learn and teach” and “ …possesses a deep sense to inspire positive change”. As a young man earning his PhD in physics, he saw his knowledge as a tool to explore life and test its’ perceived limits. He subsequently built a history of creating entrepreneurial entities in both the for-profit as well as the non-profit sectors in business and the arts.

Four years after having started his first career as a theoretical physicist at the Jet Propulsion Institute, and the University of Colorado, where he received his PhD, Bahman became interested in the private sector. He served as adjunct professor of Physics at the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Colorado for seven years. In 2004, Bahman and his wife founded an Internet Company, Earthnet which they grew into one of Colorado’s premiere world-class data centers. While managing and leading the team at Earthnet, Bahman co-founded numerous business entities including an on-line Ticketing Software Company, VelvetSeat and a real-estate holding company, Aria and CO, LLC.

During the same period, Bahman pursued his other passion, music. As an accomplished violinist, he has always been fascinated by the power of music and how the artist, the conductor and the musicians bring the community together, as one. In 2004, he founded the Boulder Chamber Orchestra (BCO), a professional orchestra and a non-profit organization that serves the community with dozens of public concerts annually. As the music director and later the executive director, Bahman guided the BCO to become a renowned and highly respected orchestra, attracting world-class musicians. However, his thirst to learn and grow did not stop there. He made and kept the commitment to become a skilled music conductor and hence has taken the Boulder Chamber Orchestra to even greater heights.

In 2011, Bahman, in conjunction with another colleague, founded a Limited Liability Partnership, the International Conducting Institute (ICI). ICI provides workshops globally to educate and train orchestra conductors from all over the world. The largest workshop is held annually in Kromeriz, Czech Republic in conjunction with the Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra.

Bahman’s experience, leadership and proven success in creating business and community based organizations makes him a perfect partner in VIM Ventures. His passion for teaching, his people and analytical skills all contribute to his success as an exceptional mentor and coach.

When asked, “with all of your accomplishments and endeavors, why are you doing this?”, he replied, “to touch and change people’s lives!”. Bahman’s passion is to serve as a leader, an educator, and a mentor. He wants to help everyone look at the perceived facts from a different angle. His fulfillment comes from mixing analytical thinking with art and business, creating a reality for those around him that is engaging, energizing and life changing.