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Buzz Yancey

Buzz Yancey | Advisory Board

Buzz is a highly respected entrepreneur, inventor and C-level consultant. His corporate career spanned 15 years and included sales and sales management positions with two pharmaceutical companies and marketing positions in several medical instrument companies.

In the early eighties he went to work for a large management consulting firm. The principle engagements given to him involved working with organizations historically immune from marketing. These organizations were facing new business paradigms that mandated marketing, and they resisted it like crazy. Buzz takes great pride in his ability to identify where organizations are stuck and enjoys the art of turning them around.

A few years later, he moved to Boulder, Colorado and got involved with the Boulder Technology Incubator- a publicly and privately financed entity, as a marketing consultant for its young resident companies. It was here that he began his entrepreneurial journey. He was involved in two startups that came out of the incubator between 1988 and 1990. Both companies were acquired by Goodyear and Halliburton, respectfully.

In 1991, he was part of a team of four people that started DDx, Inc. Together they developed a series of sensors to be used in veterinary applications. One of the sensors, HeatWatch®, remains to this day, the world wide industry standard for monitoring estrus cycles in cattle being bred through artificial insemination. Another sensor, OpTest® (optical immunoassay), was sold to a publicly traded company in 2000. The remainder of the company was sold to a private equity firm in 2005.

For the next six years, Buzz scoured university technology transfer programs- searching out unique core technologies, creating commercial applications for them and then licensing them out to large companies. He continues to enjoy this work.

Two years ago, he decided to spend his golden years doing it “one more time”. He started Reproductive Technologies, LLC, self-funded and developed a unique technology to monitor health related behavior in animals. In January of last year, he licensed the technology to a large veterinary products conglomerate as a consultant to the organization.

Buzz currently serves as the executive Director of the Jean Yancey Trust.

Buzz loves to reflect on an experience many years ago: prior to his start in business, he wrote and had published essays in several philosophical journals regarding the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein, G.E. Moore and Bertrand Russell. His primary interest was in the area of identifying the relationship between language and reality, along with his belief that conceptual confusions surrounding language use are at the root of most philosophical problems. The culmination of this work was a $25 second place prize in an obscure British philosophy periodical. Buzz’s notorious perspectives, give him the rare ability to see the ironies contained within business and life challenges and create clear solutions.