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Glenn Estrabillo

Glenn Estrabillo | Successful Investing

is a self-declared Wildman of Transformation. His path to being a successful entrepreneur and a bold leader in making possible the impossible, began when he failed to land a co-op job after his first year of engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Suddenly Glenn had to rely on his own ingenuity and resourcefulness to generate enough revenue to pay the tuition for his next semester of school. At that turning point in his life, he discovered he possessed innate abilities to invent, create, implement and execute innovative strategies, which ultimately manifested real success as an independent business owner. Now, Glenn continues to empower and enable people to eliminate barriers to their natural power, freedom and full self-expression so that they can achieve the life and future they truly desire.

Early in his life, he had always followed the adage passed down to him from his parents and teachers to work hard, get a good education and then get a good job. However, even with his Environmental-Chemical Engineering degree and a secure, good paying job with GE Canada, there was always a little voice in the back of his head asking, “Is this it? Is this all my life is for?”.

The answer to those questions came in the form of an opportunity to start investing in real estate during the boom in the early 2000’s in Canada. It was not an easy start, as he had to deal with being turned down for financing due to his inexperience, lack of assets, zero credit and his young age. Despite this, within 3 years of implementing the strategies and techniques bestowed on him by his mentors, Glenn was able to retire at the age of 28 due to the significant profits from his investments.

Soon afterward, Glenn began leading workshops and seminars for the global training and development organization, Landmark Education. There he became a staff member and senior trainer accountable for the delivery of educational programs to thousands of people in Southeastern and Atlantic Canada as well as Northwestern New York. He has personally coached and mentored numerous executives and community leaders to invent new possibilities for themselves and their lives, resulting in breakthrough performances in their careers, businesses, relationships, communications and well-being.

Glenn attributes a large portion of his success to his various teachers and mentors. He has committed his life to continue the process of mentorship by leading others to live their true passions in all aspects of their life and career paths. Glenn’s passion for teaching and sharing the universal tools of successful investing and entrepreneurship, aligns with VIM Venture’s international focus, making Glenn a natural fit for our team.