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Jerry Richardson

Jerry Richardson

Jerry has over 30 years’ experience in executive management, M&A, entrepreneurial growth, technology exploitation, and strategic advisory. His diverse experience includes executive coaching & board advisory; acquisition targeting, transaction execution & integration; accelerating & managing growth; execution planning; international business development; new market entry; JV formation & performance; and technology licensing.

After earning his B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Akron, Jerry commenced his career architecting and developing complex software and control systems, establishing systems performance measurement practices, and leading large projects at Bell Labs and US West Communications. He later went on to build and grow strategic consulting practices for Coopers & Lybrand and Deloitte & Touche, creating new services and market expansion strategies.

Jerry founded two companies in the states. His first was a service company which provided information system production and support for a hospital group in Denver. Jerry consolidated processing in the central data center, and replaced all patient, clinical, and financial systems for acute care, long-term care, physician practices, outpatient clinics, and assisted living centers. His second, was a technology infrastructure company. Jerry founded a technology product company, based in Denver and McLean, offering middleware to the online leisure and travel industry. The company provided transaction processing services, electronic distribution, and call center services. He managed these companies through very rapid growth and expansion into new markets.

Jerry played a pivotal role in the European support of Interactive TV services. He founded a digital media service and technology company based in Amsterdam, as the key service provider to cable companies; content creators; TV producers; and advertisers. Jerry offered a targeted advertising engine; market analysis; interactive service definition; content delivery and localization. His services were used across Europe in multiple countries. Jerry also lead the planning and implementation of Interactive TV services across the European continent. His responsibilities included executive leadership for a cable company with properties in multiple countries. Jerry lead the effort to organize marketing; service definition; system architecture; go-to-market plans; and deployment. Jerry subsequently lead the business and technical aspects of market entry of Digital Services in Malta, Oslo, and Vienna. His responsibilities included market definition; packaging and pricing of service; systems integration; organizational design; competitive assessment; localization strategy; go-to-market plan; definition and implementation of customer support.

In addition, Jerry built an advanced technology commercialization and market delivery business unit for a large defense industry corporation. He selected technologies to take to market and lead business development in new industry verticals. He lead market entry in the Pacific Rim, establishing operations in Hong Kong, Malaysia and South Korea.

Jerry’s vast and deep experience and knowledge of financial metrics enables him to see patterns in structure and guide leaders in the process of complex problem solving for their companies. As the Director of Financial Advisory Services for VIM Ventures, Jerry welcomes the opportunity to share his experience and insights to help entrepreneurs and executives develop strategies and create solutions.