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Jill Lohmiller

Jill Lohmiller | Director of Marketing

One of the key components to VIM Ventures success is having an international marketing director that not only has a deep experiential knowledge of marketing, but also the ability to synchronize and maximize the tremendous talent of the experts on our marketing team. Jill Lohmiller is that person. In addition, she possesses an authentic passion for guiding entrepreneurs, helping businesses grow to their next level, and working with other cultures – a potent combination that brought her to the VIM Ventures.

With a background in advertising and marketing (McClain Finlon Advertising, J. Walter Thompson, Mindshare), Jill returned to the classroom in 2008 to pursue her MBA. Having studied abroad (Australia ’96 and Semester at Sea ‘00) and lived abroad (Spain), she enjoyed the opportunity to spend a term in Prague during her MBA program. Following the completion of her MBA, Jill started her own business in 2009. She helps small businesses with their marketing and communication strategies. Since then, she’s also completed her MS in International Business with an emphasis in the EU, and has expanded her business and experience to include international clients. In addition to Prague, she’s worked with companies in Poland, Ireland, and Spain, and enjoys implementing business ideas and cross-cultural communication strategies. Her understanding of business, marketing, and culture allows her to provide a broad range of services to help companies grow.

Jill holds an MBA (’09) and MS in International Business (’13) from CU Denver, and a BS in Marketing (’01) from the University of Arizona. A Denver native, Jill has traveled and lived around the world, but can’t stay away from Denver for too long.

Her industry experience includes: automotive, telecommunications, home improvement, HVAC, outdoor retail, non-profits, renewable energy, B2B services, food & beverage, higher education, tourism & hospitality, technology, start-ups and real estate.

Her functional areas of expertise include: marketing, strategic planning, communications planning, media planning and buying, new market expansion, market research, budget analysis, cross-cultural communications, capabilities assessments, presentation development, branding, social media strategy, and strategic outreach.

Jill enjoys traveling, spending time with friends (and meeting new ones), skiing and cycling.