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Jonathan Bray

Jonathan Bray | Director of Digital Marketing

Jonathan Bray is the Director of Digital Marketing for VIM Ventures. Jonathan is not only an expert in this sector, but is also deeply passionate about sharing his skills in internet marketing and Lean startup development with other entrepreneurs.

Jonathan has been an entrepreneur from his early years, creating successful opportunities and learning from each success and failure along the way. He feels that each endeavor reinforces the importance of a Lean methodology to startup development. With this in mind, Jonathan employs only what is necessary in order to learn what a startup needs to be successful.

Jonathan has enjoyed many opportunities to market for highly successful entities in various industries ranging from ecommerce to theatre, including professional services and musical performance. He has generated countless leads and reached top organic ranks for target keywords with an ever keen eye to increase conversions, ROI, brand awareness, and customer engagement.

Using the internet as his primary tool, he efficiently tests that which is resonating with the unknown customer-base for startup companies. He finds that a little split testing and experimentation is sometimes all a company needs to gain traction and achieve product / market fit with the positive customer acquisition cost required to scale with venture capital.

His entrepreneurial endeavors contribute to his proactive and solution-driven approach to achieve this product / market fit –the cornerstone of a startup’s success Jonathan believes, more important than team or product, the market controls the majority of factors contributing to the success or failure of a startup. If product / market fit is not achieved, the greatness of the product or the team delivering it is of no consequence. This is evident when we see many great teams and products fail, while many mediocre teams and products succeed if the market pulls enough product. 

He constantly strives to stay abreast of industry best practices to succeed in the ever-evolving world of inbound marketing. He uses analogous disciplines for success in the areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and is accredited by Google as an expert using the AdWords platform.

Jonathan is ecstatic to continue his journey in Europe after meeting such talented and passionate entrepreneurs in past business endeavors. He is excited to contribute to a place of such rich cultural depth and industry progression. He feels that his role with VIM Ventures in Prague and Central Europe is an incredible opportunity to make meaningful connections and help create and move new significant business forward.