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Jon Fetzer

Jon Fetzer | Internet, Ecommerce & Startups

Jon, a serial entrepreneur founded his first company in college – OverByte, Corp – a specialty software company for the construction industry.  In 1991, he sold OverByte, as well as graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in philosophy and economics. Upon graduation he became the executive vice-president, and subsequent president of InstaMart, Inc. and E.Z. Pickens, Inc., a chain of convenience stores (approx. $10M annual sales) with offices in Colorado and operations in Oklahoma.

In 1995, Jon entered the University of Colorado’s MBA program., One year later, he was lured away from both Colorado and the MBA program by the promise of the Internet. He was recruited to become the general managing partner of the Birmingham Internet Group (BIG) in Detroit, Michigan. BIG owned a cybercafé and developed many prominent websites, including the first website for the NFL’s Detroit Lions.

However, Colorado called him back and upon seeing the Internet’s ability to deliver the world’s people, places, and products in real-time, in 1997 he created the predecessor to today’s Museum Store Company ( HYPERLINK “” The company quickly became one of the largest retailers of museum and artifact reproductions online. In the years since, Jon has moved the company to direct overseas manufacturing and expanded a customer base not only from individuals worldwide, but to corporate customers and museums. Museum Store Company has created custom “Nike” statues for Nike and executive gifts for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Their products have also been featured in major movie productions (WarnerBros’ Catwoman, Watchmen) and on TV (ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, CBS’s Ghost Whisperer, HBO’s TrueBlood). Museum Store Company has been recognized in Forbes’ “Best of the Web”, the print edition of USA Today and for the 2012 holiday season, NBC News ( featured our Mayan Calendar in their online gift guide ‘Smart Gifts for Smart People’.

The international nature of Museum Store Company’s operations, led Jon in 1999 to found TamTam – an international consulting company for businesses in or about to enter international markets. During Jon’s tenure TamTam grew from two, to a diverse team of over 20 employees ranging from a Presidentially appointed Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce to individuals with a combined fluency in 8 languages. TamTam served over 2,000 clients in 40 countries ranging from a small Biochemical Firm in India to Fortune 500 companies such as Western Union. At one point Ebay’s international help desk was advertised as “Powered by TamTam”.

From the historic preservations side of Museum Store Company, Jon founded HYPERLINK “” ScanGo (, a leading document imaging company that specializes in archival documents. To date, ScanGo has electronically preserved millions of documents – many over a hundred years old, for Universities (Cornell, DU, CU, ASU), Government Agencies (U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Agriculture, CDOT) and corporate clients such as Walmart, the British Port and Property firm P&O Nedlloyd, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Jon has served as treasurer for two non-profits: the Colorado Internet Keirtsu, with over 500 members at its peak, and the Park Lane, which had an annual operations budge of in excess of $2M. Jon has guest lectured at the University of Denver’s MBA and MLS programs and participated on their advisory board for a new master’s program in Knowledge Management. Most specially, Jon has had the privilege of accompanying his wife, a doctor on international medical relief missions as a technician, including a 2005 tsunami aid mission to Sri Lanka.

In his spare time, Jon enjoys reading, swimming, biking, and traveling. Jon’s international experiences include: Byelarus, Canada, China, England, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Ukraine, but most the time these days you can find him in Denver, Colorado spending time with his wife and their three daughters.