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Laurie Rhoades

Laurie Rhoades | Copyright Law

As an attorney, Laurie is seen by her clients and peers as possessing a vast knowledge of the numerous complexities of law. However, it is her compassion and empathy that fuel her ability to see her client’s challenges and pain through their eyes and ultimately, help them create individualized solutions that are “right” for them and their path.

Problem solving and guiding others are intrinsic aspects of Laurie’s nature. For over 20 years, she has counseled clients on corporate and entrepreneurial business formation, critical decision-making and business growth management. A significant part of her business has always been aimed at educating clients and others interested in her field of expertise. Recognized as a leading national and international legal expert, Laurie regularly conducts workshops on copyright and trademark basics.

As a child of the ’60’s, Laurie was a strong advocate for equal rights, equal pay and equal treatment for women and for all people. She hoped that law school would provide her a set of credentials, which would allow her to put her ideals into practice. To further satisfy this passion, she did pro bono work at a safe house for abused women and children.

Laurie often wonders how much of a woman’s psyche has been formed by societal “norms”, leading her to believe that it is worth so much less than a man’s. Even after many years and many legal precedents, she is dismayed by the stories of respected women who are paid substantially less than their male peers. In recent years, Laurie has seen a tremendous opportunity for women entrepreneurs and executives to utilize their intuitive, creative, collaborative and problem solving skills in participating as key leaders and implementers of change both globally and in the states.

Over the course of her career, she has worked as in-house counsel, with the US government, for small law firms and for the firm she created. Each of these experiences has informed and enhanced the lawyer and, more importantly, the person she has become. Each position has allowed her to build relationships with clients and peers that carry forward into new ventures. Her “mentors” and “teachers” have appeared when she has needed them and her friendships now span the country and the world. As a key player in VIMNet, Laurie is excited to be able to share her experience with others, guide them to expand their dreams into reality and to add one small paving stone to the path that is being built by so many brilliant women today.