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Russell Owens

Russell Owens | Principal - Executive & Entrepreneurial Coaching

VIM Ventures Executive Coaching and Mentoring reflects the lifelong journey, dream and natural evolution of VIM Venture’s principal and founder, Russell Owens.

Russell is a mentor to mentors and a well-respected business leader with over 35 years of experience in both large and small corporate and entrepreneurial environments. He brings a unique blend of practical, real-world experience rooted in eastern philosophy and Jungian psychology to help clients develop a strong and insightful foundation for personal and professional growth.

Over 35 Years of Profitable Business Experience

Russell has been an independent business owner and entrepreneur of four ventures, three of which he still owns – a company that facilitates the buying and selling of companies and a negotiation firm that specializes in intellectual property mediation, due diligence and assessments. Over the years, he has built countless leadership teams, created substantial profits, solved innumerable problems and created abundant opportunities. From his career path, he has gained strong self-knowledge and pragmatic experience and now wants to share, teach, mentor and help others on theirs.

Over 20 Years of Successful Mentoring and Coaching

Russell was given the gift of a guide and mentor in his early 30’s. His mentor, Dr. Joseph Schwitter, was a successful businessman and educator from Switzerland as well as a former student of Carl Jung. For over 20 years, Dr. Schwitter shared with Russell the great teachers and their wisdom. During this time, Russell learned from the teachings as well as from his own experiences. He learned how to confront and overcome the hindrances of fear, anger, self-doubt and negativity and transform them into positive, healthy energy. He learned how to gain clarity in times of chaos, as well as in times of abundance. He experienced and continues to experience balance, inner peace, happiness and abundance. As a result, he has a distinct passion for sharing his experiences and guiding select individuals.

Russell has an experiential understanding of your challenges.

He has been where you are and has mentored numerous others where you are. As a business owner, he has been presented with external challenges and obstacles that at the time seemed insurmountable or even hopeless. He has lost the key manager or sales person at the worst possible time. He has seen lending dry up and deals go south when he needed them most. He has had challenges with business partners that almost destroyed the business. He knows the darkness of telling loyal, trusted employees that he had to let them go. He knows the feeling of possibly not meeting payroll at the end of the month. He has laid at night, unable to sleep as he continually played a video in his mind of the future- of what would or could happen “if” or of the past- of what he could have or should have done differently. He has simply run out of energy and enough hours in the day to get it all done and witnessed how the stress of it all manifested in his personal relationships, as well as in his family.

Russell believes there are solutions to every challenge and that is where abundance is found. He feels the ability to persevere and learn is what makes us successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Russell is ready to help you through and beyond those challenges with power and grace.

Russell’s vision of bringing VIM Ventures and VIM Net to Prague began when he and his daughter decided to travel to Prague. The moment they arrived, they knew they were in a very special place. Each day the feeling became stronger. The passion, creativity and talent of the young entrepreneurs was seemingly boundless. Russell soon realized that the only difference between the Czech entrepreneurs and his clients in Silicon Valley, Boulder and Austin, was access to the experience and knowledge of successful entrepreneurs. When he returned to the States, he immediately met with two close friends and business associates, Bahman and Steve to share his experience and insights. Together, they built a team of highly successful entrepreneurs who shared their vision and thus, VIM Ventures began.