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Tandi Venter

Tandi Venter | Leadership Coaching/Art Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Tandi’s spirit as an accomplished artist, designer and entrepreneur is rooted in her passion to live a fulfilling and creative life. Born and raised in South Africa, Tandi was always surrounded by creativity. Both of her parents were successful in their respective fields, her father as an entrepreneur and inventor and her mother as an iconic fashion designer.

Tandi reflects that she cannot remember ever not having a pencil or piece of paper in her hand. She recalls becoming aware at a young age that she saw lights, colors and patterns differently than others, and feeling the immense excitement of capturing them on her canvas. She went on to study graphic design at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. After graduating and working for an advertising agency for a year, at the age of 20, she started her own graphic design business. A few years later, she was joined by her husband and soul mate, Marcel.

While following their desire for adventure and opportunity, Tandi and Marcel made the decision to move to the States, leaving behind their families, friends and careers. They packed up their few belongings and with their two young sons, moved to Colorado.

Soon after, Tandi picked up a paintbrush to try her hand at canvas media. A new passion was found and before long, she was given the opportunity to have her artwork published under license internationally. Her art now hangs in private homes and is found extensively throughout the decor and hospitality industry.

Today, Tandi and Marcel work at their branding firm, Spur in Littleton, Colorado. Together, they strategically help businesses position themselves through cohesive design and direction across all print and web media. They are passionate about seeing people and their businesses thrive. They firmly believe that good businesses build great communities.

Tandi embodies the rare fusion of the creative skills of the artist and the mindset of the entrepreneur. As a coach, Tandi possesses a deep and authentic desire to see others thrive and live with purpose and passion. Tandi is able to truly see people and thus create an environment where they feel they can authentically open up. In working with Tandi, our clients feel supported as they stand before their own blank canvas and define their meaning, their path, and their true self. She explores our client’s true-life passions, where they presently are on their path, where they see themselves going, what their dreams of fulfillment are and then guides them through a process of self-awareness and inner discovery. Her intention is that each client will experience the vibrant inspiration that lies within the quietude of a mind that is clear, present and open to expressing pure creativity. From this place, one can purposefully build their vocational dreams and goals. In addition, Tandi’s strategic branding and design expertise is an invaluable asset in helping the client grow their business.

She believes that creativity is our true nature and we must simply listen to ourselves and open ourselves to that which lies within us. Tandi understands what it feels like when creative energy is blocked. She also understands and celebrates the subsequent power that is released, as the block dissolves.

Tandi is an integral partner of VimNet. She is excited to have the opportunity to connect with her European roots and feels, “As a citizen of the world—wherever I can help people and businesses thrive —I thrive too.”