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Theresa Brown

Theresa Brown | Director Intellectual Property Counseling, Executive Coaching and Mediation

Although Theresa has over 25 years experience as a patent attorney specializing in the biopharmaceutical area, her passion lies in mentoring others- not only in patent law, but also in providing guidance as a professional coach and mediator.

After graduating from the University of California, San Diego with an undergraduate degree in chemistry, Theresa worked in a cancer research lab at Scripps Clinic for three years before attending the University of Colorado School of Law. She recognized her education and experience in science was a natural fit for practicing patent law and became a patent agent while still in law school. Throughout her legal career of more than 25 years, Theresa has held positions as outside counsel with law firms and as in-house counsel working closely with executives of pharmaceutical companies. She has also helped several start-up biotechnology companies, advising them on intellectual property (patent, trademarks and copyright) and other legal matters.

Theresa’s path to becoming a coach and mentor began as an abandoned infant, who was later adopted and given the opportunity of a fulfilling life. Her karate training as a teen, which ultimately led to a black belt, also included the study of Eastern philosophy. The combination of being grateful for having been adopted and the opportunity to study Eastern philosophy has given Theresa a lifetime passion for helping others find the way to a meaningful life. Over the years, she found a great sense of purpose when coaching and mentoring new attorneys, paralegals and office staff in various aspects of the practice of law and in managing a law department. More recently, Theresa has significantly expanded her coaching skills to address the needs and challenges outside the legal field.

Theresa is also a trained mediator having taken a 40-hour mediation training course through the Colorado Bar Association. She has been successful in facilitating several court-ordered mediations involving a variety of business-related conflicts.

Theresa strongly believes most people unconsciously know the right path to take for a particular situation based on their fundamental principles. She is skilled in helping our clients by first identifying those principles and then by exploring various options in line with those principles. She believes listening is key, as are perseverance and taking “right action”.

As a director of VIM Ventures, Theresa welcomes the opportunity to share her insights and experience to help others toward greater success, both professionally and personally.