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Creating Strategic Partnership Designed to Deliver Outstanding Results

Entrepreneurs looking to take their ventures to the next level rely upon VIM in order to identify opportunities and overcome obstacles that are holding their enterprises back.

For most clients, the resources available through VIM’s educational and personal coaching programs are sufficient to unlock untapped potential. Clients needing more customized guidance turn to VimNet consultants, who are assigned to engagements where their expertise can be most effectively applied.

…And then there’s venturing.

In many instances, even the most promising ventures are faced with challenges that they cannot surmount on their own. In order to achieve loftier objectives, in these situations it often necessary to explore strategic initiatives, namely partnering or seeking external sources of capital.

VIM VENTURES can guide management in the strategic review process and identify various paths to catalyze growth. For select, high-potential clients, VIM VENTURES can act as a strategic partner itself, providing new commercial opportunities, operational management expertise and guidance via the company’s Board.

In recognizing the challenges of funding early-stage ventures, after sufficient due-diligence, we can aid promising firms by providing equity financing. All partnering initiatives are constructed to be mutually beneficial to all parties. These venturing services prove especially valuable to clients in regions where commercial contacts and external funding sources are limited

Should you have any questions about venturing with VIM or wish to discuss the possibilities of a collaborative working relationship, please contact us now.

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